April 2015

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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait


That person who serves your food is a failure who didn’t quite cut the mustard at university right? This is a common perception of those in the restaurant industry, and one which isn’t without logic, but if you dig a little deeper there are some valuable lessons.

At the age of 17 I took my first job as a waiter, fresh faced and inexperienced. In the years that followed I took various waiting jobs and stayed in the industry longer than I would have liked. Looking back though, there was a lot I learnt in those years that would set me up to progress in my career:

Vote for our club members in the Pitch To Rich competition

Before the brand new www.rise-to.com site we ran a networking club for enterprising individuals who wanted to work in a start-up or start their own thing.

We are very proud to announce that some of our members from the old Rise To networking club have gone on to set up their own businesses. Not only that but they have achieved a good amount of success and now want to accelerate their growth. Creative Debuts have kindly mentioned ourselves and the wonderful The Office Group who are one of our partners, as being instrumental to them starting their business. Please vote for one of the following: