May 2015

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10 Tips: Whether You’re Looking For Jobs or Looking For Love


Just like job hunting, everyone has been through the ups and downs of dating. The similarities are remarkable, we are all searching for the perfect one and when it’s going well it is great. When it is going bad however, it can be hard to see where the light at the end of the tunnel is. Finally, the move to online and digital has made the whole experience better (but there is still room for improvement!)

7 Pains Of Job Hunting (and how to overcome them)


Whether you’ve just been fired, you’re short of money or your parents are putting pressure on you to pay rent, job hunting isn’t a nice place to be. The lure of an exciting job in London is great, but when you don’t know when and how it is going to come about it can be hard to keep going. 

Here are 7 ways the job hunt can be painful and how to make it better:

Is Rise To online recruitment right for me?

Ok, so you’ve landed at Rise To and you’re wondering what’s in it for you…

With the plethora of jobs boards, recruiters and online recruitment portals why should you invest your time here? Whether you’re a potential candidate or looking to hire, here is a definitive list of what we do, don’t do, and what we’re all about. Hopefully we can clear some of the fog and arm you with the right info to see if we’re a good match.

The principle is simple – We connect great people.

There are plenty of smart young people and businesses out there who need each other. Our learning and recruitment platform connects the dots in a smarter, quicker and easier way (London only currently, more cities to come). Plus. Right now it’s FREE!

CandidatesNo more trawling for jobs, sending endless CVs, to receive either nothing or a generic Dear John. 

EmployersNo more loading multiple jobs boards, being bothered by recruiters, or scraping through irrelevant CVs. 

16-24 – Starting Your Career? What’s In It For You?