June 2015

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Bouncing Back from Job Rejection

Path to Sucess

When you get your first job rejection letter, you might feel a bit down, but when you read ‘We regret to inform you that you were not successful’ for the 15th time, you’ll be crawling to that Ben and Jerry’s like it’s an oxygen mask. But don’t pick up the spoon and dig in just yet! Being rejected sucks – there’s no getting around that. But if you change your perspective, a rejection letter may not seem as fatal anymore.

Techies Wanted: Top 5 IT Skills


London’s tech industry is not just growing, it’s exploding. Recent reports even show that London’s technology sector is growing faster than the famed Silicon Valley in California and it is expected to bring billions into the London economy.

7 Top Tips For Jobseekers


Job hunting can be a time consuming and demoralising process. But it’s important to consider all your available options and not get dragged down by the longevity and lack of responses. Follow these 7 tips for jobseekers to make the process easier and more rewarding:

How To Chase Your Dreams (in the words of Jim Carey)

Jim Carey is an inspirational man. He has chased his dreams of being an actor, is world known and yet still pursued a degree. You may look at him and what he has achieved and see it as alien – how could I ever get there? Nothing is ever straightforward, but it isn’t as hard to chase your dreams as you would imagine:

Why We Should Shout About Our Achievements More!


We have been running a competition to find out your top achievement. We have had some great entries so far, including sky diving, motherhood, passing a degree, climbing mountains, getting a PB running, completing tough mudder, passing a driving test, getting published, work experience and making a short film. So why should we be shouting about our achievements?