August 2015

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The 6 Most Exciting Jobs In London Right Now

6 Most Exciting Jobs

London is full to the brim with exciting companies and roles your grandparents would think only exist in an alternative Tron-like universe. Lucky for you, they don’t, they are a new wave of jobs that reflect a boom in disruptive businesses, apps and mega startups named unicorns. Here’s a list of the top 6 that may just be everything you ever dreamed of:

Rise To in The News!


Rise To has been live little over 3 months and we have had a great response so far. Not least these snippets of national press including a showcase piece in The Sunday Times:

Interview Tips Series: Afterwards

Interview - Afterwards

Congratulations – you made it through the interview? But it doesn’t end here; the follow-up is part of the process. Finish off your experience cleanly to optimise your chances of getting the job or open up more opportunities in the future.

Interview Tips Series: Preparation

Interview - Prep

There are few things more nerve-wracking in the job search process than the interview. You have a short time to convince somebody you’ve never met before that you’re the perfect candidate. To help you through this, we’ve created a three part Interview Tips Series. This is the first post: preparation! Read on to find out what you must do before the interview.