May 2016

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5 Basic Mistakes To Avoid At Work


When landing our dream job we all want to be recognised as employee of the month and have a stable relationship with our peers. However, some basic mistakes can hold back even the smartest people on their way to success. Here is a list of common mistakes you should avoid making to preserve your professional credibility.

6 London Jobs You Should Apply For


London is a vibrant city bustling with exciting businesses. At Rise To we try to connect you (talented young people) to those businesses. Here are some that have recently joined us, and want to hear from you. We have specialists in sports, travels, marketing, apps and even ice cream (yes you read that right!). All of them share the core values of wanting to build a community in this big city.

Career Change: 6 Things You Need to Know Now

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Recent graduate, or experienced employee, we’ve all thought at least once “What if” I actually chose a different career? The bravest among us have already made such changes in our professional life. However change also comes with fear and uncertainty. So here is a list of advice to help you prepare your career change peacefully and successfully.

5 Career Tips I Wish I’d Received Sooner


woman-hand-smartphone-deskI have just joined Rise To an exciting startup in London, and have started to get to grips with the business world. Even in a few weeks, I have learned a few truths about what it really takes to work in a business (and not just what my career advisor told me). Drawing on my experience and speaking to other members of Rise To, I have created a handy tick-list of career tips for you to use:

6 Reasons You Should Learn Everything (Or Why Start-ups Love a Generalist)


From a young age we are persuaded to pick a career and stick to it by parents and teachers. We’re told to pick a subject that will lead you to a good degree. A degree that will lead you to a good job. A job that will pay well. All of this is without thought to what will actually lead to a long, fulfilling career. I’m here to argue that spending your early years learning as much as you can about as much as you can is the way forward.