June 2016

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Planning your future career – What to do this summer?


Summertime is here! Even though the weather doesn’t seem to agree, the season of festivals and barbecues with friends has now officially started. This is also the ideal time for you to dedicate a couple of hours a day working towards your future career. Good time management and proactive thinking will give you the edge, while your mates spend their whole summer in bed. At Rise To we want to support your job search all year round. These few tips will help you stand out from your peers, without sacrificing your summer fun.

4 Reasons Why Volunteering Will Change Your Life

When you search for advice on how to change your life, you will hear people say 'Change your job' 'Get more productive' 'Think positively' but very few think of volunteering. Since I first volunteered, I have met monkeys in the amazon, mentored a young child...

5 Strategies to Be More Productive

Studio shot of young woman working in office covered with adhesive notes

Our days are usually very busy, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are productive. You feel like you have a shorter attention span than a goldfish and want to be more engaged at work? Concentration is a skill that needs practise to be improved. But how can you be focused when you have tons of distractions available just a click away? We’re all different and these tips might not work for everyone. But testing our productivity by trying out new habits could actually be worth it.

Careers Friday #2: Things to Know if You Want to Work in Finance

Feel free to use this image, just link to www.SeniorLiving.Org This microstock required lots of post processing to get the blue tint. I also needed a bounce card to get more detail in the glasses.

The UK finance sector is huge, and despite some busts the industry is still going strong. It remains one of the most popular career path among recent graduates, but also one of the most competitive. However, if you manage to get your foot in the door, graduate salaries in finance are some of the highest in the country. Being such a diverse industry, the financial services are always on the lookout for different skill sets. It offers graduates a large choice of career opportunities. You’ll find below a couple of things you need to know if you’re considering a career in finance.

10 Skills Employers Look for in Graduates


Employers are putting a lot of effort in finding the right candidates for their organisations. This means that they will look for evidence of the skills and competencies desired. Good news is that no matter what you studied or how much work experience you have, you developed some of these keys skills at some point in your life. Think of concrete events during which you had to adopt some of these skills; during a class project, a volunteering experience, a sports competition, your summer job or even when you were traveling. This will help you demonstrate them easily in your CV and cover letter. Without further ado, have a look at the top 10 skills employers look for in graduates.

London Friyay!

London friyay!

It’s Friday, you made it! You might feel like winter is back  (yes, it is June already!) but we have spotted a couple of fun things you might want to do at the weekend to make the most of your London life. Plus, some of them are free so no more excuses! From the first Hello Kitty pop up cafe to the Vans x Nintendo exhibition, you’ll definitely find something you can then brag about on Monday morning.

Careers Friday: Things to Know if You Want to Work in Marketing


Marketing is one of the most popular career destination for young people. The idea of joining world famous companies and working on international campaigns indeed sounds very glamourous. But before you start sending your brand new CV around, you have to keep in mind that marketing is actually a very broad concept characterised by varied  topics, roles and actors. Yes you can find a marketing job in an agency or a multinational company, but also in small businesses, charities, startups or even the public sector. Here are a few facts about marketing you should know if you are considering it as a career.