5 Reasons Why You Should Work For A Startup



Sick of applying for grad schemes at big corporates? Or do you just want to work somewhere you’ll develop AND have fun whilst doing it? Perhaps you should consider a startup. Read on to see our top 5 reasons why you should work for an entrepreneurial business.

1. Start doing meaningful work

In a startup you get greater responsibility which will push you to think more creatively about how you approach projects.

As Adam Arbolino, Co-founder and CTO of Designcrowd.com explains:

‘Everything you do in a startup makes a difference. No longer are you surrounded by a safety blanket world where you’re a small cog in a large machine. In a startup, everything you do will contribute to the ultimate success or failure of the business’ 

2. Startups let you be you

The traditional workplace quickly moulds you to be a particular person. If you don’t like being told what to do, what to wear and how to think then a startup may be for you.

‘Wearing a suit, learning to master biz-speak and working with people who just want a pay check and not much more can get old real fast’ says Hiremyfriend.com writer Joel Patrick. ‘In a startup you shape your work environment because you’re helping to shape everything’.

3. Get great experience

Hit the ground running in a startup and you’ll get exposed to the same intensity, excitement and variety of work as you would do working at a corporate for 6 years.

Guardian Careers writer Ben Slater gives his take on Tech startups:

‘Red tape and office bureaucracy are kept to a minimum, so strong performance from new employees is likely to result in immediate increased responsibility, allowing you to advance at your own rate. The flat structure of most technology startups also makes it easy to discuss these things openly with management. Most founders are very open to chatting about what it is they want you to focus on and where you can improve.’

4. Learn how to be self-sustainable and proud 

Working at a startup and spreading the word of your team’s product, a product that you helped bring into existence, instills the value of ownership and gives you pride in your work.

‘It also means that you and your small team are the only people responsible for your success’ says Kieran Sheldon, content Manager of Wanderfly. ‘To be cut off from relying on others to provide for you will undoubtedly surface skills and a determination that you didn’t know you had’


You will be expected to work some long hours, but when you’re staying late in office someone will usually suggest getting some beers, ordering a pizza and listening to ABBA all night – just to take the edge off things.

Jobspire blogger Preetam suggests: ‘Such an environment cultivates team spirit, strong bonding between coworkers and even the founders of the company, and a more unified vision towards achieving the goals of that Startup as they better align with your own workplace goals’

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