7 Top Tips For Jobseekers


Job hunting can be a time consuming and demoralising process. But it’s important to consider all your available options and not get dragged down by the longevity and lack of responses. Follow these 7 tips for jobseekers to make the process easier and more rewarding:

  1. Get yourself out there, online and offline – Clean up your social media profile and use it to your advantage! Share and comment on articles, pictures and events that interest you. When you’ve had enough of staring into cyber space go to free workshops and networking events, offer to take notes at roundtable discussions or conferences. Get personal and arrange to meet up with old colleagues or potential employers for a chat and a coffee.
  2. Make the most of your spare time – Like some cruel twist of fate, the longer you spend job hunting the more it starts to feel like a monotonous full time job. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Regularly clear your head by exercising, going for a walk, reading or learning a new skill. Try volunteering or start a blog – do what you enjoy and maintain a healthy lifestyle, sitting in front of a computer screen searching all day is neither good for your body or soul.
  3. Don’t limit yourself to finding the job you love now – If you’re one of the lucky people who knows what career you want to pursue it can be really demoralising when you get no where nearer to your dream job. Try expanding your search, look at companies or roles where you will learn transferable skills and meet people who can connect you to organisations and networks. At the very least you’ll find out what jobs and tasks you hate and the one’s you enjoy.
  4. Get it off your chest – Speak to family members, friends and previous work mates about your job hunting experiences. Let them know how you’re getting on, ask them if they don’t mind reading over your CV or cover letter. The more people you talk to about your job hunting pain the more likely they’ll think of you when they hear about a new job opening. 
  5. Consider part-time, freelance, work shadowing and open days – Don’t spend all your time searching for full time employment straight away, try working part time, doing some freelance work or visiting a company for an open day. You can even get a taste of a potential role by work shadowing. If you put the effort in researching and trying out different roles, you’ll have a clearer view on what career you want to pursue and what skills you need to get there.
  6. Consider your competition – what do you have that they don’t? This could be a top achievement like climbing a mountain whilst you were travelling or captaining a sports team in Secondary School. Either way showcase what skills you learnt, what passions drive you and why this makes you the best candidate for the job.
  7. Keep the faith! – Applying for jobs can be a degrading process, filled with silence and rejection. Don’t take the rejection personally, the market is saturated with similar jobseekers in similar circumstances. Always believe in your own abilities and continually try to improve your position. 

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