Become An Efficient Job Seeker in 6 Easy Steps


What should a job search be, in one word? We’ll plump for ‘quick’. Applications, CV writing, interviews: they’re not the stuff of which good times are made. So if you’re looking for a new job in 2017, let’s make the process as easy – and as quick – as possible by following some simple steps.

  • Find companies you want to work for.  The first thing to realise to ensure an efficient job search is that the traditional process of looking for job vacancies and sending in applications is only one, not particularly effective, method. Instead, we’d suggest researching and making a list of the companies you’re most interested in. The first step is to see if they’re advertising job vacancies.
  • If they are hiring, try and go straight to the decision maker. If possible, find out who has the hiring authority and send a letter straight to them – this cover letter should communicate your passion and interest in the role and company. Enclose a CV too.
  • Whether or not any the companies on your list are hiring, get social with them. Become something of a superfan of the companies you’re most interested in. Follow them, like their posts, research their challenges, and interact (with well-informed, thoughtful content) where possible,
  • Remember that LinkedIn is as important as your CV.  Not only will the people you come into contact with almost always look you up, recruiters also search the site to find prospective candidates. Your profile should reflect your passion for the company/ies you’re focused on as well the reasons why you’d be a good hire for them.
  • Leverage your network. It’s a bit of a job-seeking cliche but surprisingly few people (especially in the early stages of their career) maximise the potential of their contacts. Reaching out and  asking for advice, contacts or information, is something all job seekers should be doing. You may come across more companies you’d love to work for, and a contact who can help you get a foot in the door is invaluable.
  • Sign up to Rise-To! Just in case you haven’t done so already, signing up to Rise-To gives you access to help and advice as well as opportunities to hone your skills. We can match you to fantastic companies looking for bright and ambitious young people – so don’t delay!
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