Best of Rise To: The Greatest Career Advice of 2015


At the beginning of April 2015 Rise To launched. Since then we’ve spent every waking hour searching for the best career advice in the form of tips, tricks and opportunities. Read on to see this year’s pick of the bunch.

First impressions

Let’s face it: we’ve all had a look on Tinder for a future partner. But have you ever applied those dating techniques to a job interview? Embrace the nerves, stick to the etiquette and you’ll find love at first sight.

It’s not all doom and gloom

In May Milkround released their School Leaver’s Career Confidence Survey and the results were concerning. 40% of respondents were unsure whether they could start a job tomorrow. We wrote a piece on how Rise To can help young people find their dream job to counter the pessimism.

Landing your first job

Scenario: You’re looking for a job. Problem: You’re not having any luck and slowly losing confidence. Solution: Follow these 6 simple steps to ease the process.

Reading between the lines

Remember when Newcastle appointed Steve McClaren as their new manager? No me neither. But anyway he was ridiculed by an array of football fans, yet praised by a number of footballers. The lesson? Learn from your criticisms but above all keep going. Get inspired by 4 other news stories that taught us valuable life lessons.

The comeback

Raise your hand if you’ve been rejected from a job this year and felt like s***. We’ve all been there. But it takes a true champ to turn that rejection into something positive. 


Hollywood actor Jim Carey is best known for his Mask exploits or animal whispering skills in Ace Ventura. But not many people know that he’s got a degree. Watch him tell a room of recent grads why they should never give up on their dreams.

Crazy Interview Questions

Ever wondered what the hiring managers at Facebook and Google ask in an interview? So did we. So we collected the 7 craziest questions awesome companies will ask you.

Codes and computers

With the rise of tech startups showing no signs of stopping, back in August we answered the question what’s the difference between a coding bootcamp and a computer science degree? 

Interview tips: plan, execute and follow up

In August we created a blog series around the three stages of interviews: preparation, during and after. Read about the first stage here.

Smashing your cover letter

The first thing to remember when writing a cover letter: keep it short. For more tips to guarantee an interview, click here.

“What is your greatest weakness?”

Never go into an interview unprepared again. We put together the 4 most common interview questions and how to answer them.


Back in October, digital transformation specialists Freeformers hosted Upload Live – a day of app building, coding and learning about online security. Here’s what went down and how you can sign up for the next one for free.

Startup life

Rise To is full of exciting entrepreneurial companies that are looking to hire smart young people. But why should you choose to work for a small company over a corporate? Read this to find out.

“I’ll be back”

We’ve all heard Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous one liner in Terminator, but have you heard his 6 rules for success? Read his epic advice, apply it to your job hunt and you’ll land your dream job in no time.

The big event

We ended the year with our Get Hired Event. Young people, companies and top entrepreneurs gathered at our offices in South Bank to discuss careers advice and even sneaked in a few job interviews! Get the inside scoop of what was said here.


What a year it’s been. Thank you to all the support we’ve had over the past 7 months from young jobseekers and companies. We’ve got a lot of changes coming in the new year so watch this space.

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