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If you know what you ultimate job is, then congratulations! It’s a great thing to have a clear goal in mind – even if it takes some time and work to get there. Most great jobs don’t just fall into people’s laps (wouldn’t life be much simpler if they did?) but are absolutely worth the effort it takes to nab one for yourself.

As you already know, building the CV that will get you that job isn’t always an easy matter. In most cases it involves gaining further skills and experience relevant to that sought-after position.

If you’re still at school or university or if you’ve recently left, then that ultimate CV will probably need voluntary work and work experience. Any work experience is positive – it shows that you’ve gained skills that will help in the workplace, skills that simply are not taught in school or university. But the more tailored to the dream job your work experience is, the bigger advantage you have. Rise To has plenty of opportunities to find paid work experience placements, so you’re definitely in the right place. And don’t be afraid to be proactive – asking for work experience in the industry (simply by sending off your CV and covering note, or getting on the phone) can often pay off.

You may however be a stage beyond this . How do you maximise the experience and skills you’ve already got? The ultimate CV will scream from every bit of it that you are the right person for this role. Your job is to identify and highlight exactly what relevant skills you’ve gained from each element of your CV. So rather than making reference to a love of sports, explain (briefly) how being captain of your school team taught you about leadership skills, and how you’ve built upon them since. What did your studies give you, aside from a qualification, that your employer is on the look-out for? Which aspects of previous roles or experience are the most interesting to a recruiter?

The best thing about putting this much thought into building a CV that is simply unignorable from an employer’s point of view is that you’ve already put the foundations in place for a pretty impressive interview too. Good luck!

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