What To Buy For The Office Worker In Your Life: 12 Gift Ideas For Colleagues Or Friends


Many of us spend a large part of our lives in the office or workplace. So a gift designed to make the working day a little more productive, interesting or just plain fun is always appreciated. If you’re stuck for ideas for a colleague or office-working friend, let us help with the below suggestions.

  1. Laptop stand






A  brilliant gift for someone who often works from home, this laptop stand will make it easy for them to work on the sofa or even when staying in bed (bliss).

  1.  My Cuppa Tea mug







You know that person that’s extremely fussy (I mean, discerning) about how the like their Earl Grey? This mug makes a perfect secret Santa gift or stocking filler

3.  Dilbert Desk Calendar








Was there ever a funnier depiction of the workplace than the life of Dilbert? Give someone a laugh while reminding them things could be much worse (and help them get organised to boot): this desk calendar ticks a lot of boxes.

  1.  Set of two hand therapy balls







Spending all day at the computer can lead to problems such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis and Repetitive Strain Injuries. These therapy balls are proven to help treat these issues while building strength in the hand and fingers.

  1.  Sports water bottle







Many of us will start the New Year with the firm resolve to drink more water. Make it easy for someone by giving them this water bottle which not only looks great but is also incredibly easy to use while running or on the go.

  1. Happy Jackson sticky notes







Give someone the gift of being So Freaking Organised with this uber cute and super handy book of sticky notes.

  1. Headphones







A decent set of headphones – ones that look good, are lightweight and work well with phones – can make all the difference between a bad and a good day in the office. These should do the trick.

8. Leather-bound notebook







Give someone a touch of luxury in their working day with a beautiful, leather-bound notebook that will make taking notes a joy.

  1. Hogwarts deluxe stationery set






For that friend who works in the office but dreams of Hogwarts, this comprehensive stationery set (including a wax stamp, letter writing paper and a paperweight) makes a special gift.

  1. James Dyson autobiography







For those times when we need a little inspiration in our careers, there are plenty of incredible business stories out there. James Dyson’s is a perfect example, demonstrating how struggle and failures can lead – eventually – to overwhelming success.

  1. Desktop mini pool table





For the office worker who works hard but likes to play hard too, a mini pool table is a guaranteed hit!

  1.  Ted Baker stationery kit







Filled to the brim with those office essentials that never seem to be to hand (paper clips, bulldog clips and pins) this three tiered set will make any desk look rather special.

So whatever your loved ones need hopefully, we’ve got them covered with these suggestions. Don’t forget though, a Christmas present is just for…erm…Christmas, whereas a new job, can be a change that lasts a lifetime!

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