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Why now is the time to get ahead (whilst everyone else is eating their way through the festive period)


Winter is coming. And for job-seekers, it can feel like there’s not much chance of anything happening until the new year starts with its promise of new beginnings. As even the employed start to wind down, flitting between semi-hibernation and festive excess, isn’t this the perfect time to put aside the job boards, and for a little while at least forget all about CV-tweaking and interview prep?

Why it is vital to learn digital skills (Or how not to get left behind)


The robots are taking over! That’s what the press would have us believe anyway. The reality is that as long people are in charge of creating those robots it’s unlikely that will happen (I hope!). It is, however, a powerful reminder of the advancements in tech. It is much closer to the truth to say that if you don’t keep up with tech trends you will be left behind.

How you can leapfrog your peers’ salaries by boxing clever


Salary is important. Money equals options; it represents how valued you are; and it increases job satisfaction. Some job seekers are extremely money motivated and others less so, but even if you’re sanguine about monetary benefits, it’s worth being familiar a few tips on how to make sure you’re being paid what you’re worth.

Why resilience is important in the working world


We all know the deal with soft skills: the qualifications might get you the interview, but without the communication, team-working, leadership (and so on) you’re not getting the job. But there might be a soft skill you’re forgetting. It’s a skill which might not be the most important when it comes to securing a job, but will serve you extremely well during the course of your career. (And the best thing? Any knock-back along the way will only help strengthen it.) We’re talking about resilience: something that we all need and that the most successful among us will have in spades.

Why honesty is the best policy (but a lack of self-awareness isn’t)


No one’s perfect, so they say. But it can seem that when we’re applying for jobs we’re all pretending that we are. In fact, however, being open and honest might be the best way to make a great impression on a potential employer. That one annoying mark on your CV, the one bad A level grade, the job left under less than ideal circumstances: all of these might actually be your opportunity to create an advantage if you handle them the right way.

Why employers ask you silly questions and how to answer them


How many basketballs would fit in this room? How would you sell hot coco in Florida? How many windows are there in London? Employers can really get imaginative with the questions during interviews.  And if you’re not expecting the conversation to suddenly swerve into the (seemingly) surreal or bizarre, you can be left blinking in surprise while failing to provide a vaguely coherent answer. So why do employers throw such curveballs at you, and how can you use them to impress?

Roles of the Week – Friday 5th August


Hello August! Can you believe it? Because I definitely can’t. While the sun is still a bit shy, summer in London is undeniably the best. And what would make it even better? Landing your dream job in the city! That’s why every Friday we list for  you the best roles on our platform to make sure you don’t miss out on amazing opportunities.