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4 Reasons Why Volunteering Will Change Your Life

When you search for advice on how to change your life, you will hear people say 'Change your job' 'Get more productive' 'Think positively' but very few think of volunteering. Since I first volunteered, I have met monkeys in the amazon, mentored a young child...

London Friyay!

London friyay!

It’s Friday, you made it! You might feel like winter is back  (yes, it is June already!) but we have spotted a couple of fun things you might want to do at the weekend to make the most of your London life. Plus, some of them are free so no more excuses! From the first Hello Kitty pop up cafe to the Vans x Nintendo exhibition, you’ll definitely find something you can then brag about on Monday morning.

6 London Jobs You Should Apply For


London is a vibrant city bustling with exciting businesses. At Rise To we try to connect you (talented young people) to those businesses. Here are some that have recently joined us, and want to hear from you. We have specialists in sports, travels, marketing, apps and even ice cream (yes you read that right!). All of them share the core values of wanting to build a community in this big city.

Today’s Hot Jobs!


The job hunt is tedious and difficult at times… you’ve sent 50 job applications this week, and haven’t heard anything back. You’ve gone through 100s of job sites to find your dream job and you’re starting to get disheartened. Well never fear, we’re here to help you! Each week we’ll blog about the hottest jobs on Rise To, so you know which ones to apply for – keep your eyes peeled. 

Rise To in The News!


Rise To has been live little over 3 months and we have had a great response so far. Not least these snippets of national press including a showcase piece in The Sunday Times:

How Online Recruitment Platforms are Changing the World

C U L T U R E  G R O W T H

Gloomy reports of unemployment fill the news every day, and for those just entering the labour market, getting a job seems nearly impossible. But what’s really going on behind the scenes of the job market – something that neither jobseekers and employers seem unable to crack?