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Why This Top Achievement Had To Win Our Go Pro Competition


We recently ran a photo competition to find out what your top achievements were. This was a chance for you to send us a photo of your proudest moment – be it a sports achievement, something you did at work or just something you were proud to be part of. We had a fantastic response and were amazed at some of the fantastic submissions we received.

When it came to judging time we asked various members of the team to say which were their favourites and why. This was no easy task and the range of achievements was truly inspiring, extreme sports, academic achievements, giving birth and work based achievements were all in the mix. When all was said and done though, there could only be one winner:

Why Creating a Short Film is my Proudest Achievement (and what I have learned along the way)


Trying to decide what I would call my top achievement was difficult. As a 23 year old recent graduate, who is currently searching for entry level employment, it was easy to be cynical about my past achievements and under rate their merit. However, Rise-To’s twitter competition (to win a GoPro by submitting a photo of your top achievement) made me stop and take stock of all the things I had achieved in my relatively short life.

Why We Should Shout About Our Achievements More!


We have been running a competition to find out your top achievement. We have had some great entries so far, including sky diving, motherhood, passing a degree, climbing mountains, getting a PB running, completing tough mudder, passing a driving test, getting published, work experience and making a short film. So why should we be shouting about our achievements?

And the winner is…

17111109088_c82a8d6b41_o6 weeks have passed. Hundreds of reviews have been written and we’ve spent sleepless nights fixing any bugs. But the day has finally arrived. 

We are proud to reveal that the winner of our ‘Sign Up to Rise To and Report Any Issues With Your Browsing Experience and Win an Apple Watch Competition’ is…

*drum roll*

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Vote for our club members in the Pitch To Rich competition

Before the brand new site we ran a networking club for enterprising individuals who wanted to work in a start-up or start their own thing.

We are very proud to announce that some of our members from the old Rise To networking club have gone on to set up their own businesses. Not only that but they have achieved a good amount of success and now want to accelerate their growth. Creative Debuts have kindly mentioned ourselves and the wonderful The Office Group who are one of our partners, as being instrumental to them starting their business. Please vote for one of the following: