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This Week’s Best London Internships


Summer is officially here, the ideal season for garden parties and open air cinema. For some of you summer is also the opportunity to add experience to your CV and start planning your career. To make your life easier, Rise To has compiled the best internships London has to offer this week.

London Friyay!

London friyay!

It’s Friday, you made it! You might feel like winter is back  (yes, it is June already!) but we have spotted a couple of fun things you might want to do at the weekend to make the most of your London life. Plus, some of them are free so no more excuses! From the first Hello Kitty pop up cafe to the Vans x Nintendo exhibition, you’ll definitely find something you can then brag about on Monday morning.

5 Reasons To Spend Your Time and Money On Experiences



‘Are you experienced’ was Jimi Hendrix debut album. Fittingly a man defined by his experiences, a maverick who spent his time mastering the guitar, supporting others as a backing guitarist (XFactor didn’t exist then!) and generally plying his trade. He famously hated the sound of his own voice but faced his fears and quickly took on the challenge of being lead singer and guitarist in a band. Here are 5 good reasons to follow in his footsteps and put experiences first:

How We Learnt To Code, Build An App and Make Money From Social Media


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On Saturday 17th October Rise To (and a selection of young people who use the site) attended Upload Live hosted by Freeformers to learn about all things digital. Freeformers are a digital transformation company who train the staff of corporate companies but with a great twist – for every business person they train, they educate a young person for free. An array of digital trainers were on hand to teach us about code, app building, online security and how to use social media productively. This particular event was backed by Barclays who took part in everything throughout the day (Find out more about Barclays Digital Eagles and Barclays Accessibility here). Read on to see what we learnt…

5 Reasons Why You Should Work For A Startup



Sick of applying for grad schemes at big corporates? Or do you just want to work somewhere you’ll develop AND have fun whilst doing it? Perhaps you should consider a startup. Read on to see our top 5 reasons why you should work for an entrepreneurial business.

7 Money Hacks for Young People


Save money. Keep a budget. Stay out of debt. Don’t drink too much (it’s hard on your gut and your wallet).

We’ve heard all of that before. Seems simple, but how do you actually do it? A lot of the time, the key is in psychology and how you approach your finances. Here are your 7 money hacks to make sure that your cash doesn’t slip through the cracks.