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Five reasons why you should trust a UX expert to save your failing start-up.


When a visionary entrepreneur meets someone with product management skills a ‘baby’ is born. This ‘baby’ has the fortune to be surrounded by many people who love it and nourish it. They watch with baited breath, expecting to see it grow and thrive. This ‘baby’ is their product and despite hopes and dreams of success, has more chances of failing miserably. So why 90% of start-ups fail?

One of the big reasons is that (as in all ‘families’) the company can’t see the glaring problems of its own baby.As the common saying goes “You don’t know, what you don’t know” so how can businesses overcome this issue?


The UX expert is here to save you, your product and your company, you just need to trust them:

6 Ways Start ups Can Help Young People Succeed

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 To kick off our prep work for the Global Youth Summit, the ITU hosted special one-day MILLENNIALS JAM WORKSHOP at its ICT Discover Center, with an exclusive and select group of 40 entrepreneurial young people. The objective of this unique one-day event is to crowd-source a more detailed framework for the Summit where approximately 25,000 young people will input their ideas for the post-2015 global development agenda. ITU/Rowan Farrell

In today’s economy the emphasis is on young people to snap up anything that comes their way and make the most of their opportunities. Although this is true, what more could employers at start ups do to help today’s youth and inspire them to achieve more?:

Are young people “The Lost Generation”?

Although prospects seem to have got better for young people with youth unemployment figures showing healthy improvement, there are still many out there who feel they are The Lost Generation. Penned as lazy and selfish and accused of spending all of their time using technology rather than interacting with others. Is it fair to call millennials lost? We spoke to young students and this is what we found: