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Build your ultimate CV to find your ultimate job

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If you know what you ultimate job is, then congratulations! It’s a great thing to have a clear goal in mind – even if it takes some time and work to get there. Most great jobs don’t just fall into people’s laps (wouldn’t life be much simpler if they did?) but are absolutely worth the effort it takes to nab one for yourself.

How to work out what motivates you in the workplace


In your career, which (fingers and toes crossed) will be long, productive and fulfilling, you may well go through times when your job satisfaction is low. We at Rise To hope you’re never in a job which makes you dread going to work (life’s too short, after all), so we’re here to help you work out what your workplace motivations are. By knowing what makes you excited to go to work, you can minimise the chances of taking on a job that just isn’t your cuppa and instead put your efforts into finding jobs that are right for you.

16 quirky things employers are looking for nowadays


When they’re looking for a new hire, employers might receive 50, 100, 200 or even more CVs to look through. Each CV might only be reviewed for a few seconds before it gets a yes or a no, so making it stand out from the crowd is essential. The standard CV blurb certainly isn’t going to cut it; and however good your academic grades are, that’s not necessarily going to be enough either. Employers are looking for something more.

How to share what’s great about you on your CV without bragging?

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We all want to present the best version of ourselves on our CV as it can be the key to that job we’ve been dreaming about for weeks. However, it’s easy to get carried away and actually start making a list of the things that make us awesome. But this is a big mistake! Lists are boring and reflect a rather self-obsessed version of ourselves. Here are a few tips that’ll help you shine through your CV without bragging.

What’s sport got to do with getting a job in tech?


Why do some employers like applicants who have played competitive sport? Is this even relevant in an job where basically you need to sit at a computer all day, and it’s more about the brain to keyboard coordination than hand eye coordination? The truth is it’s not sport per se but what this tells an employer about you. Competitive team sport is a metaphor for office life. 

Where do we source our candidates? (Clue: It’s not magic)


We often get asked where we find the talent on our site. Presumably this is because businesses find it hard to find the best talent for their businesses and are sceptical about whether we can deliver the goods. You will be pleased to know it isn’t magic or cutting corners, we have a few tried and tested ways of finding the best talent.

Identifying your top soft skills – What are employers looking for?

plush-dog-teddy-bear-soft-toy-softIt can be hard to know what employers are looking for. It’s a bit like trying to figure out what the best diet is, or which new smartphone to buy – everything you read says something different. One week you absolutely have to know HTML, the next being able to grow your Twitter followers and go viral is the thing. So how can you cut through the noise? Focus on Soft Skills and you can’t go wrong.