What Christmas Can Teach Us About Work


The run-up to Christmas can be hectic: a whirl of preparations, parties and present wrapping. But when Christmas is upon us, it often brings two or three days of peace. Some real time off from everyday life, time to think and reflect, can be one of the season’s biggest gifts, if used well. Lessons to be learned about working life, for example, will give you renewed focus in the coming year.  

With this in mind, here’s our list of what the Christmas season can teach us about our working lives.

  1. Material rewards are not the be all and end all. We all love tearing off wrapping paper on the morning of the 25th. But the real enjoyment of Christmas comes from other sources: watching those you love receive your painstakingly chosen gifts; the season’s religious meaning, or the time spent with family and friends. Similarly, although salary is important, the real meaning of your work is rarely the paycheck. A sense of achievement and of being valued is usually more of an influence on your happiness.
  2. Life’s easier when you prepare and prioritise. Christmas is never fun if you’re in a huge panic on Christmas Eve. Your preparations, just like your to-do lists at work, need to be prioritised and given enough time.
  3. Taking a break makes you happier and better at your job. The Christmas break will hopefully recharge your batteries leaving you ready to start 2017 with energy. Even in a busy day, try to take at least ten minutes (and preferably your full lunch break) to clear your head, think about other things and be less stressed and more productive as a result.
  4. Looking after money is looking after yourself. Christmas is stressful if you go way over budget with gifts, food, parties etc. Budgeting skills make the season easier to handle, and being able to budget in everyday life makes a huge difference to peace of mind as well as your bank balance. These skills can be important in many aspects of working life too – whether you’re in charge of a significant marketing spend or party budgets.
  5. People are important. Sure, the people you spend the festive season with might well be driving you bonkers by December 26th but family and friends are what make Christmas such a special time of year. To really enjoy your work and your life however, it’s the people you spend the remaining 360 days a year with that count. Your colleagues are the individuals you see most and can make the difference between a fulfilling work-life and spending your days clock-watching.
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