Why getting rejected from a job might just be the best thing to happen to you


There’s nothing worse than waiting for an answer. Until, that is, the answer is ‘No’. Being rejected from a job is an unpleasant experience, especially if it’s one you thought was perfect for you. The reality is however that most people will be turned down for jobs several, even dozens of, times in their career. And in many cases, not getting the job isn’t the disaster it appears to be. The following will show you that it can even be a brilliant thing for you and your career.

1.You avoid being in a job that wouldn’t make you happy 

This is the big one. Even if it seemed like the right job for you, the recruiters have a much better idea about cultural fit, requisite skills and experience. You may be overqualified, underqualified or could struggle to fit in. Do not take this personally. Everyone should be happy at work, and you owe it to yourself to find a work environment in which you’ll be valued and successful.

2. You get chance to learn and reflect 

Never be afraid to ask for feedback. If you missed out on the job for a fixable reason (for example, lack of research, not quite enough experience) then it may give you the opportunity to fix it for the next interview. You may even realise that you didn’t get the job because it’s not really the job you want. Interviewers can spot a lack of interest a mile away. Is it time to change direction?

3.Something much better could be around the corner 

OK, so it may not feel like it, but being rejected for one job might put you in the market for that dream job soon to be advertised. And with all you’ve learnt from the rejections, you’re in a better place to nab it.

4.You build up resilience 

Rejection is a fact of life. Going through these experiences makes you stronger with a better  mindset to face both the successes and failures of a long career.

5.You gain exposure to companies

The application process can tell you a lot about a place of work, especially when you’re visiting them for interviews. Getting as much information as possible about different companies and cultures may give you short and long-term goals, and a better sense of what suits you.

Want to find a job that fits you? 



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