How To Build the Perfect Rise To Brand Profile

Brand Profile

Rise To isn’t just about amazing jobs. It’s about matching young people to exciting companies too. Build a brand profile and you’ll have constant access to a pool of smart young talent who you can connect with even when you’re not hiring. So how do you attract top talent to your company? It’s simple, follow these 7 simple steps to creating the perfect Rise To brand profile.

1. Picture

The first thing a young jobseeker will see is your profile picture. Make sure you have an up to date brand logo (pull it directly from Twitter for the best dimensions) or a picture of your team, office or product – be as creative as you like!

2. Values 

If you’re after a team member who is also a cultural fit look no further. At the top of your Rise To profile select three values that are what you look for in a hire (or if you’re not hiring select three that define how you operate as a business) and we’ll instantly match you to young talent that have also selected the same.

3. The Blurb

This is your unique selling point. A snapshot into what your company does and why. Keep it short and enticing.

4. Social

If you’re proud of your Twitter exploits or have a great video of your CEO giving a speech on Youtube get your links on Rise To! Don’t forget to also add a link to your website so jobseekers can learn a bit more about what you do.

5. The Team

Don’t be a stranger, add your team’s names, roles and pictures and tell potential hires what they’re into. You never know you might find someone who also enjoys Oenophilia (look it up, it’s not as bad as it sounds)

6. The Role

Hiring? Simply upload the job spec and requirements. Offering other opportunities? Even better! Rise To caters for a range of opportunities tailored to young people including work shadowing, training, apprenticeships, work experience and internships.

7. The Other Bits

Want to take your profile to the next level? Add in your clients, awards and what your business is passionate about to give a real sense of what your company culture is and why a young jobseeker shouldn’t go anywhere else.

Stuck for inspiration? Check out one of our favourite profiles here

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