Why now is the time to get ahead (whilst everyone else is eating their way through the festive period)


Winter is coming. And for job-seekers, it can feel like there’s not much chance of anything happening until the new year starts with its promise of new beginnings. As even the employed start to wind down, flitting between semi-hibernation and festive excess, isn’t this the perfect time to put aside the job boards, and for a little while at least forget all about CV-tweaking and interview prep?

In fact, though, as your peers (and competition) concentrate on gift-wrapping and movie marathons, this is a great time for you to grab yourself an advantage. You’re right that there won’t be too many job opportunities towards the end of the year, but come January that will change. Employers will be looking for candidates able to hit the ground running at the start of 2017 – what do you need to do to be that candidate?

In reality, this means getting your CV ready for any likely good opportunity; thinking carefully about how to write a killer cover letter or how to impress in an interview; reviewing your skills to see if there are any courses or reading you can do to sure your knowledge and skills are as up-to-date as they can be. You could even consider what voluntary work or work experience you could look for in the New Year which could assist you in finding the job of your dreams.

Remember too that in the festive period there are often lots of temporary jobs available, some of which may give your CV a boost, give you situations to talk about in interviews, teach you new skills, or at least top up your funds.

These are all important elements of any job search, but can get a bit neglected in the constant cycle of looking for vacancies and submitting applications. The wintery days and festive period can give you a valuable gift of their very own: making you super-employable come 2017.

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