How one day of work experience is just as valuable as a week’s worth. 


I went to go work for Rise-to for a day, just to get a feel of how businesses are run and hopefully to offer them useful information that will benefit them in the future. Being the target market age, I could offer them a great insight on how a university student thinks and hopefully helped them out during the day.  

I had done work experience before, sometimes for a week and sometimes just for a day.  I have come to the conclusion that work experience for day can be just as valuable or even more valuable than work experience for a longer time. From previous experiences working for a week can lead to a lot of looking around feeling a bit lost. You are the plus one to the party, feeling sometimes like they have to make you do something and give you easy chores/jobs which take 5 minutes but give you an hour to work on.  Yes there are some moments of quality as you get a more in-depth overlook of the company and get a better summary of what each department does however you never actually get stuck into work which actually benefits the company itself (photocopying doesn’t count.) I may be wrong and this could be just from my personal experiences only.

Spending one day at Rise-to was just as valuable as a week at other companies. The environment was very relaxed and enjoyable as young adults working on their tech surround you. Walking in and seeing a table tennis table and a golf-putting arena you feel immediately more at ease and get a different vibe then walking into a corporate business. The big difference is that I got a lot more out in one day than in a week. I felt involved with the team; there was a sense of purpose why I was here. I wasn’t an extra in the background but one of the main characters. What is usually done in a week was done in a day. Your there to get a feel of the company, to learn more about the world of business, to find out what I like and if this is a possible avenue I would consider once getting out of university and I got the whole experience. Most importantly I learnt some valuable advice that will help me out in the future, which I’m extremely grateful for.

The experience was great and would 100% do it again.


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