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The Best New Year’s Resolutions for Job Seekers

scrabble-resolutionsWhatever 2016 threw at you, 2017 is going to be your year. We can feel it! If you keep to the below (easy! effective!) resolutions in the New Year, your job search is going to be re-energised, targeted, and successful. So enjoy the mince pies, the board games and the turkey sandwiches, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be off to a flying start in January.

The Top Skills That Will Be In Demand In 2017


The end is in sight for 2016 – and it’s time to get optimistic for 2017. Next year has the potential to be your best one yet, professionally speaking. So let’s which find out which skills employers will be falling over themselves to hire you for.

What The Top Leaders Say About Hiring (Or Why Recruiting Right Should Be Your Top Task)

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Your employees are one of your biggest investments. Salary costs are a huge outgoing – and yet if your recruitment process isn’t as good as it can be, much of this expense and time is being wasted. Getting hiring right will, conversely, see your business become more profitable and financially sustainable. But don’t just take our word for it. See below for what some of our most successful business leaders think about recruitment.

Why You Should Think Like A Marketer When It Comes To Hiring

How much effort do you put into attracting customers? This is often the number one priority, for obvious reasons. We’re going to tell you though that attracting talent should be sharing that spot. Ask any successful business leader what they think is the most important factor in growing a business and more often than not you’ll receive a one word reply: “People.”

Why now is a great time to understand politics (and its impact on you)

pexels-photoThis year has been remarkable. 2016 will be the year people remember for the untimely deaths of their musical heroes, for the year that Donald Trump turned the race for the White House into an unprecedented descent into bigotry and  bitterness, and it will surely be marked in people’s memories as the year the British people decided to leave the European Union. No one would have predicted the political upheavals the UK has experienced in the past few months.

Why meditation isn’t just fluff (or how science suggests you should start it today)


What is meditation?

We can all picture what meditation looks like. Serene figure, cross-legged, palms facing upwards, maybe a few ‘Om’s for good measure. In actual fact, the word ‘meditation’ is used to describe a wide variety of techniques to focus the mind inwards, rather than on external factors. Meditation has been part of human existence for centuries, having been practiced in the fifth and sixth centuries BCE in China, Nepal and India.