Where do we source our candidates? (Clue: It’s not magic)


We often get asked where we find the talent on our site. Presumably this is because businesses find it hard to find the best talent for their businesses and are sceptical about whether we can deliver the goods. You will be pleased to know it isn’t magic or cutting corners, we have a few tried and tested ways of finding the best talent.

  • Our past connections: We’ve got quite a history, from organising challenges for young people to running events connecting them to exciting businesses. Now we’ve brought it all online we’ve brought the best of the best with us.
  • Universities: In the past we’ve engaged with universities to help their students develop skills and land jobs. This means that we are well networked in to key universities in London (e.g. UCL) and reach out to their students when we can.
  • Youth organisations: As we have looked to find the best resources to help talent develop their skills, we have stumbled upon youth organisations who have 1000s of members. Naturally if those members are looking for work and a place to show off their new skills, we have a home for them.
  • Social media & blogging: We have a healthy following on twitter (@RiseToTweets) and have a presence on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Along with the blog, we have a few different ways to get users coming to us.
  • (Google and Job) Ads: Sometimes you have to look for things in the right places. If people are looking for jobs in exciting start-ups in London, then what better place to direct them than to our site.


We believe that the way talent finds us is only half of the journey – once they land on the site we help nurture them by giving them feedback on their CV’s, recommending the best resources so that they can improve and matching them to jobs. That very same matching engine means that talent that fits your culture and the skills you require are shown first. Lets hope we don’t get kicked out of the magic circle for revealing our secrets…..

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