The soft stuff: Why we include ‘values’ on our CV tools


At Rise To, our online platform allows you to put yourself forward to be found for jobs by exciting, innovative companies. We also offer a whole range of CV tips and ideas for drawing out your skills and personality so people looking at your profile get a sense of you beyond the skill-set.

Part of this is ‘values’ – what motivates you, what you’re passionate about, the change you want to see in the world.

We include values on our CV tools for two simple reasons:

  1. Because employers are increasingly looking for recruits who match their values,
  2. Because we know that finding a job with a company that’s aligned with your values will make a huge difference to how happy you are in that role.


Attitude over skills – the 96%

One recent survey by a large recruitment company showed that no less than 96% employers prioritise hiring based on attitude over skills. That means the values you live and work by, such as commitment, integrity, and accountability.

This is even more true of smaller, entrepreneurial businesses, who live and die on their culture. When growing a business, having a team who are in sync, who trust one another, and who believe in the company’s mission is incredibly important to the success of the business.


Equally, that culture and passion is what drives a company’s brand.

A united team that gets behind a shared mission and set of values shines through, creating authenticity that’s clear to customers or other stakeholders.

As someone who’s starting out in your career, or at an early stage, values take on even more importance in lieu of the experience or skills that employers might be looking for in more senior roles. They’re expecting to train up young people in the role they’re coming into, but they need the raw potential and character as the basis to successfully integrate their new recruits into the company.


It’s not just for them, it’s for you.

But this isn’t just about what companies want, and positioning yourself as the ‘right’ candidate for them. It’s as much about finding a company that matches what you want in a career, whose mission you can believe in, and who you’re proud to work for. In short, an environment where you can thrive, and have the very best start to your career.

Do you want to explore our platform and find tips and ideas to improve and highlight your skills? Why not build an e-CV on Rise To?

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