Why You Should Think Like A Marketer When It Comes To Hiring

How much effort do you put into attracting customers? This is often the number one priority, for obvious reasons. We’re going to tell you though that attracting talent should be sharing that spot. Ask any successful business leader what they think is the most important factor in growing a business and more often than not you’ll receive a one word reply: “People.”

Happily, the skills and techniques you already use to attract customers are the bedrock of hiring the best and the brightest to your firm.

Just as you don’t simply put your products or services out into the world – on or offline – and wait for the buyers to find you, the days off sticking up a job advert and waiting for the responses are also gone. Marketing is key here – and your employer brand should be as strong as your corporate brand.

Building your employer brand is  not difficult – it just requires some thought and some time.  Your values as a business should be well communicated through your website and social media. You should build on engaging your audience, sharing your expertise and putting valuable content out into the world. If you can inform potential employers about what it’s like to work with you – perhaps through profiles on your website and an up-to-date and comprehensive ‘Careers’ page – you’ll find yourself attracting engaged and loyal people before the advert has even been written.

So think like a marketer to improve and hold onto your talent – not just when you’re looking to hire, but all the time. For example, building a company that is great to work for might sounds like a good idea to increase employee retention, productivity and satisfaction. With your employee marketing hat on, you’ll also see that a talented employee who tells her friends about her company (and its happy hours, incentives or work in the community) might be a magnet for further potential hires.

Recruitment has entered a new era, where competition for the best talent is fierce – and your company’s success depends on it. Selling your business to employees just as important as selling it to customers.

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