These great resources will make you more employable in less than a day


So you’re looking for a new job, but you’re nervous. What if they ask me about my skills? What am I good at? Maybe you’re looking for a promotion, but don’t have the time to up your skills and are caught in a catch 22. It’s much easier to boost your skills than you might imagine, and here are some of the best places to do so:

  • Udemy: This fantastic resource allows you to learn whatever you want whenever you want (as long as you’re online). Udemy ( has a range of courses from learning programs like Photoshop, to understanding body language. They offer free and paid courses (their most expensive courses are only £40!) and you can watch their courses on the move by downloading their app or on a good old-fashioned computer!
  • Duolingo: Want to learn a new language but are fed up of copying words into a notebook and checking their meaning in a crusty dictionary? Duolingo is a platform which makes learning languages feel easy, it breaks down the steps to learning, gamifies the experience and you can digest the whole thing on the move too.
  • At school we are taught too little about how to use Excel, Word etc. yet knowing how to use these programs opens up a whole world of possibilities. It will help you create reports, pitch documents and best of all save you time (a lot of time!). GCF deliver snappy, visual and guided steps to help you become a whizz in no time.
  • Freeformers: Want to learn to create prototypes for an app, code and market a product in just 1 day? Freeformers run a series of events that do exactly that. We’ve been along to one and they’re great fun, interesting and a good way to top up your digital skills, best of all the events are free.
  • Codeacademy: Learn to code interactively, for free is their tagline and they deliver on that promise whole-heartedly. From technophobes to passionate techies Codeacademy guides their user through the 1’s and the 0’s in a way that feels easy. Learn these skills now and you could be rich in no time.

These great resources will see you boosting your skills in no time. The best lesson of all though is to just get started. Half an hour a day is all you need to build some solid skills, but if that isn’t your style, block out a day and accelerate your learning!

If you still don’t know where to start, why not sign up to Rise To and you will get recommended the very best resources for you to boost your skills, based on your e-CV and what jobs you want to go into. 

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