The Top Skills That Will Be In Demand In 2017


The end is in sight for 2016 – and it’s time to get optimistic for 2017. Next year has the potential to be your best one yet, professionally speaking. So let’s which find out which skills employers will be falling over themselves to hire you for.

Research from LinkedIn gives us a big clue. The online professional network has unveiled the skills most sought after by global employers in 2016. It’s a safe bet that the skills that US employers have been looking for this year will continue to be extremely valuable going into next year.

They are:

  1. Cloud and Distributed Computing
  2. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
  3. Mobile Development
  4. Storage Systems and Management
  5. User Interface Design
  6. Network and Information Security
  7. Middleware and Integration Software
  8. Web Architecture and Development Framework
  9. Algorithm Design
  10. Java Development

OK, so they’re somewhat tech-heavy. This is reflective of the fact that it’s not just the tech industry that requires tech know-how, according to LinkedIn. Data is becoming increasingly important, for example, in a myriad of different sectors and jobs.

Some of these skills are pretty specialist, and people will pick them up as they move through their careers. For those of us at the beginning of their careers, the takeaway is to at least have some tech-savvy, no matter what your chosen career path looks like. For example, learning the basics of coding or digital marketing will pay dividends in many different sectors.

There are some skills that employers consistently say they’re looking for in their new hires.  For graduates in particular, being able to prove how good you are at communicating, organising or problem solving will always be useful in any interview situation.

Soft skills will always remain hugely sought after by employers – without them, it almost doesn’t matter how good you are at your job. Click here to identify the top soft skills employers are looking for.


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