Why Travelling The World Won’t Put Your CV At Risk (And Can Do The Exact Opposite)

pexels-photoWhether you’ve just finished university or are thinking of taking a career break, the lure of travel can be strong. Itchy feet need not necessarily be too expensive an affliction: with some planning and a willingness to work hard it is possible to travel the world on a shoestring. But people planning on spending a few months travelling will hear the same concern: what about your CV?

There’s no denying that time spent on planes, trains and automobiles requires you to sacrifice time spent in the office gaining direct experience. Instead though, your CV will benefit in other ways. For example:

  • Travel can give you new goals and ambitions. Travel is eye-opening and taking a few months off to explore the world will also give you chance to discover yourself. You may return with a much clearer idea of how, where and on what you want to work. This clarity of ambition will give you a huge advantage when it comes to applying for roles.
  • It will teach you new skills. Learning new languages (or starting to) is the obvious benefit of spending a prolonged time in other countries. But if you’re working or volunteering, the skills you pick up should be given their due on your CV.
  • It sets you apart from other applicants. Employers are often looking for something to show them you’re motivated, confident and well-rounded. Travel can do this, especially if you’ve used the time travelling to work or accomplish something (for example, learning a language).
  • It gives you international experience. If you’re applying to multinational companies, it can be a benefit to have lived and worked in one of the territories in which they operate. It may open doors to working abroad at a later stage or reassure prospective employers that you’re knowledgeable about cultural differences.
  • It will make you better at your job. Travelling requires a lot of different skills. Resilience, independence, decision-making, people skills: all of these will be important when you’re seeing the world, and all will be improved by the time you return. These skills are also important in the world of work, so when you’ve been offered a great job, chances are you’ll be better at it.
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