How to trick your mind into getting things done (And how we can help you)


Your brain tricks you all the time. (False memories? Sympathetic pain?) But just sometimes, you can play tricks on your brain – and in the process painlessly become more productive. How? Through games.

Human beings like games. We are, it seems, hard-wired to enjoy and respond to challenges, to progression (through levels and goals for example) and to rewards. Companies trying to engage and incentivise customers, or make employees more effective, have started tapping into this idea in a big way. For example, many loyalty programmes have used gamification methods – such as rewards or membership levels to progress through.

By using tricks and methods such as those used in gamification, it’s possible to make yourself more productive (and even more importantly, you can make your life just that little bit more fun!)

  • If you have large tasks to complete, create your own ‘levels’, (level one is the planning stage, level two is completing the research etc). If you can add small rewards each time you ‘level up’ then so much the better.
  • Start tracking. Tracking your achievements is very incentivising. This can be as simple as writing down what you’ve achieved at the end of every day. Technology can also be of help here – productivity apps are legion, and will help you see at a glance what you’ve accomplished.
  • Set goals. Realism is key – if your goals are virtually unachievable, they’re going to be disincentivising. Again, small rewards could help.
  • Introduce competition. Are there friends or colleagues who would also like to achieve similar goals? The chance to ‘win’ is one of the aspects that makes games so much fun.
  • Use apps. Productivity apps have introduced gamification aspects to make the to-do list more fun: try Streaks, Habitbull or Habitica.
  • Use Rise To! Our programs are designed for you to learn the skills that really matter. And you can track your progress, making it easier for you to complete a set. Take a look to start your set today.



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