Why it is vital to learn digital skills (Or how not to get left behind)


The robots are taking over! That’s what the press would have us believe anyway. The reality is that as long people are in charge of creating those robots it’s unlikely that will happen (I hope!). It is, however, a powerful reminder of the advancements in tech. It is much closer to the truth to say that if you don’t keep up with tech trends you will be left behind.

Feeling a little lost in knowing where to begin? What are the most useful digital skills? Which skills do employers rate most? Which will help you get a pay rise? Worry no more, Rise To are on hand to help you by telling you why it is so important to learn these skills and where to get started:

  • Applications are elegant and brilliant: The workplace has been given a facelift. Tools such as Trello and Slack are as easy as using social media but are helping to open up communication within businesses. The end goal is that you are more efficient at your job and can focus on the important stuff.

    Understand the best applications and how to use them: Essential Workplace Applications (Program)

  • Marketing has gone digital: There will always be a time and place for traditional marketing. Direct sales like cold calling, emails etc. still work (if you want to know the basics take This Program). That aside, digital Marketing has grown at a rapid rate. People are using social media to really engage with their audience and it produces results for businesses.

    Take our intro program today: Intro to Social Media

  • Coding is cool: 10 years ago, coders were geeks and the whole idea was alien to us. With sites being increasingly accessible on the move (mobile and tablet) as well as almost every business wanting a website the need for coders outweighs the supply available. Building cool stuff and getting paid a shed-load for it is pretty amazing and it isn’t hard to gain a basic understanding:

    Learn how to be a cool coder: Intro to programming

  • Design is in demand: Any product that you love will typically have an awesome designer pulling the strings. In the digital -age it isn’t enough to make pretty pictures (though it helps) as you need to consider how the user interacts with the product. Once again there is an abundance of great courses, books, and tools that can help you out and help you command a big salary for doing something meaningful and awesome.

    Start your design journey today: Intro to design

So to give your career a boost, and not end up being replaced by a robot (or feeling like one!) then get learning these digital skills now! Finishing a program and applying what you’ve learned can all be done in under a week, but could change your whole career and earn you more money. So what are you waiting for?

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