What 5 Top Entrepreneurs Taught Us About Landing Your Dream Job

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Last week we hosted our first event at Rise To HQ, and it was awesome! We invited 5 guest speakers, 10 hiring companies and 60 young job hunters… Here’s what happened:

The event took place at our new office (check out the view below) with the aim of connecting young job hunters to exciting entrepreneurial businesses in London who are hiring.

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Our co-founder Dan kicked off the proceedings by explaining a little bit more about what we do and what guests can expect to happen at the event.

It was then over to the guest speakers to give their words of wisdom and share their best career advice –  we’ll be generous and give you a snippet from each speaker for those of you who didn’t attend!

First up was Rise To‘s founder Duncan Cheatle, who spoke about how ‘finding the right company fit is crucial‘ when looking for a job.

Jamie Clyde (Crest Partners) was next, who explained how you should ‘find out why a company wants to meet you then approach them.

Our third speaker, Justin Spratt (Quirk) gave great advice with regards to contacting potential employers: ‘when you engage with people at the top you have to offer value first.’ He also encouraged the audience to ‘find something you’re passionate about to use as a platform to transition to the career you want.

Next up was Tiffany St James, co-founder of Transmute who thinks you should ‘create your own board – find people to come together to solve a problem.‘ In short, make sure you attend events and network – create relationships!

It was Dan’s job to close off the speeches with some more great careers advice. He sought to take the myth busting approach e.g. ‘find your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life‘ – he argued that you should make your hobby your job at your peril!


Next up was the Q&A which we’re fairly certain could have lasted all night. Our guests asked some amazing questions:

Do you chase money or work for a startup?

Our speakers confirmed that if you find something you enjoy and money will come after the success and hard work.


Then it was time for networking (and beer and pizza of course!) We let the companies take the microphone and announce who they were and what roles they were looking to hire for. Then it was over to the guests to chat and potentially arrange some interviews. We know that 2 people have had interviews already since the event which is very exciting!


Here’s our very own Matt and Rob posing with the Rise To sign (talk about advertising!)



So there you have it, our first event of many more to come!

Sad you missed out? Don’t worry, we’ll be hosting an even bigger and better event in February, so watch this space. We’ll inform you via our website so sign up now!

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