5 Reasons To Spend Your Time and Money On Experiences



‘Are you experienced’ was Jimi Hendrix debut album. Fittingly a man defined by his experiences, a maverick who spent his time mastering the guitar, supporting others as a backing guitarist (XFactor didn’t exist then!) and generally plying his trade. He famously hated the sound of his own voice but faced his fears and quickly took on the challenge of being lead singer and guitarist in a band. Here are 5 good reasons to follow in his footsteps and put experiences first:

  1. They shape who you are: Who are we if not a summary of our experiences. We are defined by our experiences; extrovert, sporty, traveller, workaholic. If you picture your ideal self stood in-front of you, what experiences have made that person? Go out and chase them!
  2. Getting your first job will depend on it: All employers want to know when hiring someone fresh t0 the job market is that they have some core soft skills (e.g. Resilience, Teamwork,Leadership). Experience everything, take on challenges and travel. Get out of your comfort zone!
  3. Your career will depend on it:’Sorry you didn’t have enough experience.’ The age old job-rejection catch 22, how do you get experience without experience? The power is in your hands, you can build these skills in your own time by reading, taking online courses or even volunteering. It’ll pay off in the end! 
  4. They make you more attractive: Experiences make you more attractive in every sense of the word. You become someone that others want to be around, from employers, to partners to people you meet when networking. What are you waiting for! 
  5. New experiences are the number one predictor of happiness: People spend money on physical objects because they believe their happiness will last longer that way (completely logical). However it turns out that new experiences are a much bigger predictor of happiness. Objects soon grow old. You will never forget your happiest moments. 

You might never hit the heights of Jimi Hendrix but at least you’ll master your own personal journey. Hendrix’ combination of experience culminated in a figure who helped shape history with headline performances in the pouring rain at Woodstock. Imagine if he’d spent his time watching TV instead?

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