How to work out what motivates you in the workplace


In your career, which (fingers and toes crossed) will be long, productive and fulfilling, you may well go through times when your job satisfaction is low. We at Rise To hope you’re never in a job which makes you dread going to work (life’s too short, after all), so we’re here to help you work out what your workplace motivations are. By knowing what makes you excited to go to work, you can minimise the chances of taking on a job that just isn’t your cuppa and instead put your efforts into finding jobs that are right for you.

If you’ve had previous roles, or work experience – what was it you liked or didn’t like? Which were the aspects you told friends and family about?

It may help to put the below, as well as anything else you care about, into a list from most to least important:

  • Being able to learn on the job – for example from colleagues or subjects you find intellectually challenging.
  • Relationships – making friends at work and enjoying the social aspect of the job can be important.
  • Autonomy – being given a free reign to make decisions and execute plans
  • Money – salary is important to many, and can go a long way to making you feel recognised and rewarded.
  • Work/life balance – perhaps being able to work flexibly, or do well at work while getting enough time for other interests is a priority.
  • Values – are you passionate about making a difference or doing something good in the world?
  • Achieving goals – goal-driven people need a fast-paced environment where the next target is always in sight.
  • Coaching or helping others in the company – bringing out the potential in others can be a huge driver.
  • Providing a service to customers – do you get a buzz from providing great service?

Once you’ve got clear idea in mind, you know what to look out for in potential jobs. Make sure that in interviews you ask relevant questions to ensure this is a job you’ll be able to thrive in. (Be cautious though, money may well be a big motivator, for example, but focusing on salary is unlikely to impress a potential employer!)

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